One of the most common injuries that occur from a motorcycle accident is road rash. These cuts, abrasions, and deformities of the skin can be extremely painful and cause loads of pain and suffering to the victim. It’s important to add the costs of treatment for these injuries prior to your filing, as well as after your case, to make sure you receive the recovery resource that you truly need.

Your personal injury attorney is able to outline all injuries you’ve suffered due to your accident, as well as, the costs to treat them among other damages during your case. This will increase your chances of being adequately compensated for the accident.

Understanding The Consequences Of Road Rash

To get a better idea of road rash, you must understand what happens to the body during a motorcycle accident. Typically, the rider may be dragged against asphalt for yards and yards. The friction between the skin and the rough road causes the skin to crack, burn, and become wounded.

Don’t forget all of the debris that is on the ground that gets smashed into your cuts, increasing your chances of infection. Typically, after months of healing the rider may still have unsightly bumps, uneven skin, and changes in pigment where the rash had once been. Many people tend to struggle mentally because these deep road burns can occur on the face or other exposed body parts.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Fight For Your Right To Compensation

Economic Damages

When you have suffered road rash in a motorcycle accident, there are substantial medical expenses that can compile, becoming too much to handle without compensation—and you shouldn’t have to stress over your recovery. Apart from the immediate treatment of the cuts and wounds, you may require cosmetic surgery, needing more than one operation to achieve your natural look and well-being.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will also make sure that your claim includes the lost income from days missed at work from the point of the accident moving forward. Depending on your personal circumstance, you might not be able to return to your job because of your disfigurement. For example, if you’re in the sales field, your ability to earn money might be compromised because of your flawed appearance. All of these things are to be considered when consulting with your attorney to file your claim.

Non-Economic Damages

We briefly mentioned above that many people suffer from mental struggles with their confidence, but that’s not all. After being in a wreck, many cyclists are too traumatized to even get on the road anymore. You should be compensated accordingly for your pain and suffering. Your claim must include compensation for these non-economic losses, which are difficult to quantify. However, meeting with your motorcycle accident attorney will allow you time to calculate the non-economic losses that have accrued from your accident.

If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, it is important to determine what types of damages that can stem from an injury like road rash.