When you think of someone providing for their family, you know that labor jobs are a reality for many families these days. As you know, construction workers literally risk their lives every day to make sure that their loved ones are taken care of!

Construction workers have a highly dangerous workplace—so high that there have been statistics that support the idea that literally 1 in 10 construction workersare injured every single year. What are you to do in the case that the unlucky person is you or your family member?

Trusting a construction accident lawyer to support you throughout the legal process while filing for highly deserved damages is the least stressful way to handle your unfortunate situation. In fact, we’re going to cover 8 of the most common construction site accidents, so that you can compare to see if this type of lawsuit will help your family find the closure and support it needs to move past your accident.

Common Construction Site Accidents In Rochester, NY

1.    Falls from great heights or scaffolding

Because many construction workers are required to work on high places and buildings, they put their bodies and lives at risk by being elevated for extended periods of time. The most common accident is falling and fatalities that follow these types of injuries.

2.    Slipping and falling on the job site.

There are many tools that lie around a construction site, uneven grounds, and other hazardous materials, making falling practically inevitable. Even if safety equipment is present, an accident that results in serious injury can still occur.

3.    Objects that have fallen.

It’s required for construction workers (or anyone in a construction zone) to wear a hard hat. They are constantly at risk of being struck by falling objects. Even with safety gear, spinal, brain, and other bodily injuries can occur.

4.    Electrocutions.

When it comes to fatalities on construction sites, exposed wires and electrically charged objects can be at fault. Sometimes, even defective machinery can result in injury or death.

5.    Accidents due to machinery.

A majority of the tasks that take place on a construction site require heavy duty machinery, putting the body at risk. Any slight mistake with these tools can cause a fatal accident to occur.

6.    Accidents involving fire.

As mentioned above, exposed wires can cause a hazardous environment among other things like chemicals, leaking pipes, etc. These could lead to an explosion that could change you and your family’s life forever.

7.    Becoming stuck between an object.

These painful accidents may occur from having a limb get caught in a piece of equipment or unmovable object, like rocks. These accidents can make someone into an amputee or even be fatal.

8.    Overexertion on the job.

You know that your loved one works hard, but are they working too hard? Long hours of exposure to unforgiving working conditions can cause workers to overexert themselves, increasing their chance of injury.

Of course, there are other causes for injury and accidents on a construction site, but these are the most common occurrences in Rochester, NY. If you want clarification if your injury (or your loved one’s injury) qualifies for legal compensation, don’t hesitate to contact our construction accident attorneys here at Kelly White Donofrio LLP.