Getting into a car or truck accident is traumatic, even when there are no injuries. Dealing with insurance companies, repair shops, time away from the office, and more – it’s frustrating at best. But what happens when you are involved in a truck accident and there are more pressing questions due to the seriousness of the accident? A Rochester truck accident lawyer can help navigate those uncertain waters as you pick up the pieces.

A lawyer will understand the legalities of the accident and will be able to assist with any legal claims you choose to bring or that are brought against you. If there are injuries, he or she can help protect your future, medically and financially. There are few things more overwhelming than lying awake, wondering how you’ll care for your family if you can no longer work.

There are times when who is at fault is not clear. New York laws allow for what’s known as comparative negligence, meaning each party can be assigned a percentage of the fault and thereby, he or she can be ordered to cover that same percentage in losses. Mostly though, in the beginning, a reputable and experienced truck accident lawyer will navigate conversations, meetings and court appearances, if that becomes necessary. These meetings might include representatives from:

  • Insurance companies
  • Contractors and owners of the commercial truck
  • Employer of the commercial truck driver
  • Government representatives, if necessary, when the contractor is working a government contract
  • Medical professionals

Not Always A Courtroom Involvement

Remember, not all cases go to court. Often, a personal injury lawyer can negotiate on your behalf a settlement that addresses all of your current and future needs, especially if there are long-term medical considerations as a result of the accident.

Longer Term Cases

There is a process, and while most cases follow this process, it doesn’t always work that way. Most of the early work is securing witnesses who saw the accident or who can provide testimony for anything else they might have witnessed that can help provide clarity to your case.

Other evidence, such as photographs and medical records, are collected early on, as will the driving records of the involved parties, any past or current cases against the company if applicable and any other documentation that will lay the foundation for a potential suit.

The insurance companies are involved from the beginning. Once your truck accident attorney is satisfied that all of the relevant documentation has been collected, negotiations begin with those insurance companies. This might go on for some time, all with the goal of best serving your needs as his client. If these negotiations fail, your lawyer will then seek out other legal remedies, such as filing a lawsuit. There are times when mediation or arbitration serve the purpose and can prove advantageous.

Remember, it does not cost anything to have your case reviewed. It is a great way to ensure your rights are protected, your needs are being addressed after the accident and your family is protected.