If you or a loved one have ever been in a car wreck, you know that the whole process can be a scary one and can even change you mentally and physically. This is especially true when the type of wreck is a side-impact crash. These types of car crashes increase your chance of experiencing injury and can cause you to sustain property damage from your wrecked vehicle.

Relying on a personal injury attorney with any wreck is one of the best ways to recover your deserved damages, but this is especially true with these types of car accidents specifically. We’re going to explore side-impact car wrecks more in depth so that you can understand the severity of your case.

The Common Causes Of Side-Impact Car Wrecks

Understanding the cause of your side-impact car wreck can also help the court clearly see who is responsible for the accident itself. Side-impact collisions typically happen at intersections, where cars are more likely to be running perpendicular to each other. This is especially true for cars that run red lights, risking their lives and the lives of those driving around them.

Running a red light isn’t the only cause of side-impact crashes. Other common causes include:

  • Speeding
  • Aggressive or reckless driving (road rage)
  • Impaired driving (drunk and/or drugged driving)
  • Distracted driving (cell phone use and texting while driving)
  • Fatigued driving

As a licensed driver, people have a duty to drive responsibly on the road to protect their life and others around them by abiding by the law. People who have been harmed or suffered a loss have a right to seek compensation for their various losses.

The Injuries That Can Occur From Side-Impact Driving

The most dangerous type of car wreck is that that occurs at a 90-degree angle. This is because drivers and/or passengers receive the brunt of impact from the side, where they are the least protected from their vehicles safety mechanisms.

Impact injuries, such as those to the chest, abdomen and legs, are more likely to occurto vehicle occupants closer to the point of impact. Some victims may even become paralyzed from spinal injury or even sustain brain damage. Head, neck and shoulder injuries are more likely to be sustained by those located the longest distance from the point of impact, but their severity is still to be noted.

How Can A Personal Injury Attorney In Rochester, NY Help You?

Being a victim of any car wreck—despite the site of impact—is traumatizing both physically and mentally. Relying on a lawyer can relieve some of the inevitable stress that comes with filing a personal injury lawsuit. Collecting police reports, witness reports, and other documents can provide a significant amount of evidence to prove who was truly the one responsible and who should be held accountable to compensate you for your losses.

Your car accident lawyer is eager to fight for you to recover the number of damages that are specific to your case:

  • Medical expenses associated with injury (before filing and future)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages (prior to filing and future)
  • Property damage

It can be difficult to reflect on the day of your car wreck, but confiding in your car accident attorney is the best way to get started in reviewing your case. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.