Divorce is never easy, but for many couples, it is the only solution they can find that allows them to move forward with the opportunity to find new happiness. In a perfect world, a divorce would be a smooth transition from married to single. In the real world, however, divorces can and usually are messy, upsetting and one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life.

Aside from the emotional burdens that are part of the process, divorces will most likely compromise both parties’ finances for years, not to mention the costs associated with child support, alimony and other sacrifices. Despite this, for those who know there is no way to recover, a divorce can provide peace and a sense of new beginnings.

Keep reading as our family law attorneys take a look at some of the financial expenses that often come with divorces in Rochester.

Uncontested Divorces With No Children

These cases naturally won’t require child support agreements, insurance inquiries as to which parent covers it and any medical bills throughout the years and there won’t be the concerns about ensuring the children can attend college. Typically, the costs in these types of cases are limited to attorneys’ fees, court fees, any costs incurred by one spouse who wishes to buy out any portion of the shared assets from the other spouse. As one might expect, these types of cases almost always have a faster turnaround time.

When Children Are Involved

These types of divorces come with a heavy emotional and financial toll. There are concerns about how well the children are coping and whether a few “down weeks” with a child’s school work are just growing pains or the weight of Mom and Dad’s divorce on her shoulders. In more serious cases, a family counselor or child psychologist is invited to become part of the process. A few more expenses that will require mutual agreement include:

  • A child’s education costs through college
  • Support for the parent with has full or mostly full custody
  • Dentists, doctors and hospital costs, if applicable
  • The costs and who pays for extracurricular activities
  • Parenting classes are now becoming more mainstream and a judge may order parents to participate

No Love Lost, But Fears About Assets Being Lost

It is unrealistic to believe a divorce won’t change the financial stability a couple has created. Usually, a judge determines the percentages and who receives what, but that is not etched in stone. Each case is as unique as the parties that define it.

The Real Costs

Clearly, the cost of a divorce in Rochester can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health and it often shatters dreams of growing old together and any long term plans a couple might have made. For these reasons, it is important to secure legal representation that can protect you and your interests, not to mention the interests of the children. By speaking with a skilled family lawyer early on, you can better protect yourself as you move forward with your life.