In New York, if you’ve been involved in a truck accident, there are options for recovering your losses from third parties. The traffic laws in New York are specific, so it’s important to secure proper legal representation from the beginning in order to protect your rights.

Here’s How It Works

In New York, personal injury laws define third parties as someone other than an employer who might potentially be held liable for any injuries sustained in a truck accident – whether it’s a delivery truck or an 18-wheeler. The process typically begins with the employer and possibly New York’s workers’ compensation program, depending on the specific facts of the case. In some instances, you may have the option of seeking out compensation for medical expenses and other losses from the driver of the truck who is employed by the company he or she works for.

This decision can only be made by evaluating closely the legalities associated with the accident. An experienced and reputable New York law firm should be the first call you make at that point. There are times when a third party holds no liability, but making that determination early helps you and your legal team determine the best avenue for recovery.

Unfortunately, some accidents result in the loss of life. There are circumstances in which third parties could be held accountable in an accident involving a death. These are difficult and require not only a sympathetic approach, but one that allows a family to recover from that aspect faster so that they might be given the opportunity to mourn privately and with dignity.

What Kind Of Scenarios Are Applicable?

The number of scenarios in which you can pursue a third-party for a truck accident are many and might include:

  • A ladder falling from a moving service truck because it was not secured prior to leaving the job site
  • Loose tools were not returned to tool boxes and fell off the truck and resulted in an accident
  • The driver of the truck was under some type of drug or alcohol influence
  • Defective hearing aids
  • Speed limits were ignored
  • A scaffold was improperly erected with the truck securing one side of it. The scaffolding fell and resulted in tools or equipment falling on your car while you’re waiting at a stoplight.

These may seem unlikely causes, but they happen every day. They also may present an opportunity to make a claim against a third-party, whether it is an individual, a sub-contractor and in some instances, a manufacturer. It’s why seeking out a qualified truck accident attorney in New York can help you put the entire incident behind you faster and with satisfactory results.

These are never easy cases, regardless of the circumstances. They take a toll on the person involved in the accident and that toll might include serious injuries, a loss of income, time away from work, medical costs, losses associated from damage to his vehicle and much more. It’s why reaching out to a Rochester personal injury lawyer is the best first call to make after the accident has been properly reported and documented with law enforcement. Give a truck accident lawyer a call today to learn more about your rights and what legal avenues might be available for you.