There are few things better for a child whose parents are divorcing or have already divorced,then to see them working together as they determine what is best for them and their siblings. When parents can lay aside their differences and focus on the health, well-being and happiness of their children, you can be sure these kids will fare better than those who are helplessly trapped between two warring parents who are struggling to even be in the same room together. Resolving child issues together in Rochester and throughout New York is the way to ensure the courts do not have to make these decisions that ultimately affect your children.

Joint Custody

It may be that joint custody is a solution that can work well with your situation and benefit your children. This means Mom and Dad share day to day duties such as basketball or dance practice, planning meals, ensuring kids catch the bus, doling out allowances and attending various events. These are ideal because it means Mom and Dad are working together to provide for their little ones in such a way that involves them both. Nothing is healthier for a kid than two involved parents looking out for their best interests. Still, there are times when joint custody isn’t feasible. In these instances, open communication and flexibility in visitation rights can help.

Flexible Visitation

Careers and other life changes often shift throughout adulthood. It’s part of the growing process and if we’re changing careers, it’s likely because we’re doing so to improve our finances and overall happiness in life. When a former spouse can accommodate that by allowing for flexible visitation, it can only serve to benefit the child. You can be sure that the favor will need to be returned at some point. According to our child custody attorneys, holding resentments is not healthy for anyone and reminding one another of past disappointments has no room in a healthy co-parenting plan.

What The Kids Say And Want Should Matter

Maybe your daughter wants to try out for the cheer leading team, or your son doesn’t want to change schools his junior year. When these situations come up, and they always do, isn’t it best to know that a phone call with their mother or father can clear up any uncertainties? Of course, if one parent travels often, it may be that changing schools is unavoidable. Still, working to find a compromise is something your kids will see, and it will affect the way they grow into adulthood as they begin to make their own decisions and compromises.

When parents can agree, it eliminates the need for court hearings and judges. The agreements will be entered into the legal records, but without the anxiety of having to appear in court, losing time at work or worse, time that could have been spent with the kids, and it’s easier on the finances, too. If you’re looking to resolve child custody issues together in Rochester, give our child custody lawyers a call today and let’s explore your legal options.