Pedestrian Accident Attorney Helping Injured Pedestrians In Rochester Recover the Compensation They Deserve

As a pedestrian, there’s nothing more frightening than seeing a car speeding towards you without any way to protect yourself. Sadly, countless pedestrians find themselves in this exact situation every year.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, it’s important to speak to an attorney with experience handling these cases right away. Call or email the attorneys at Kelly White Donofrio LLP to discuss your legal options today.

Skilled Lawyer In Rochester, NY Explains The Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrian accidents often result in devastating injuries. It is common for pedestrians to sustain broken bones and fractures, especially in the lower body. Broken bones and fractures are painful injuries, but they are not life-threatening.

The most serious injuries that pedestrians can sustain are brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, which can be fatal. If the victim is not killed, he or she can still be severely affected by these injuries for the rest of his or her life.

Our Lawyers Protect The Rights Of Pedestrians In New York

It’s important for pedestrians to understand their rights after an accident. If a pedestrian has been seriously injured by a negligent driver, the pedestrian has the right to file an injury claim. The purpose of this claim is to hold the at-fault party responsible for the accident and recover compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

However, the pedestrian must be able to prove that the driver was negligent to recover compensation. To do this, an attorney will need to conduct a full investigation into the accident to gather evidence that proves the driver is liable for the victim’s injuries.

Pedestrians who are represented by skilled attorneys can focus solely on their recovery while their attorney conducts this investigation and works tirelessly to recover compensation.

How Much Compensation Can Top Law Firms Help Injured Pedestrians Recover?

The value of pedestrian accident cases can vary depending on a number of different factors, including the type of injuries and the way the injuries affect your life. Every case is unique, but in general, victims with severe or permanent injuries will be entitled to more compensation than victims with minor, moderate or non-permanent injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to estimate how much compensation you are entitled to after reviewing the details of your case.

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