Proving liability in cases with big trucks, such as delivery trucks and big rigs, can be challenging. This is partly due to the enormous costs to a business and insurance companies if the driver is proven to be the one who caused the accident. This is why it’s important to secure proper legal representation that can help guide a client to a satisfactory outcome.

Of all the deadly big truck accidents on America’s roadways in 2013, more than 70 percent of those deaths were drivers or passengers in the other vehicle. Truck drivers accounted for 17 percent of fatalities. Passenger vehicles are at an enormous risk when in the vicinity of large trucks whose drivers are tired, under the influence or distracted.

With the latest technological advances, these cases have become easier to understand. Many of the big trucks on the highways and interstates now have black boxes, similar to those found in the airline industry. These black boxes can help prove who is responsible for an accident, especially when the driver insists they are well-rested and tests prove he or she is not under any kind of drug or alcohol influence.

A few of the parties, aside from the driver and their employer, that could be held liable in truck accident cases, courtesy of the black boxes, include:

  • The company that manufactured the truck
  • The companies that manufactured parts for the truck
  • The company loaded the cargo
  • Any companies responsible for maintaining the trucks

How A Rochester Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

By securing solid, experienced and aggressive legal representation, you can be sure every element of your case will be carefully explored, and no stone is left unturned. Your accident attorney in Rochester will seek to find the answers as to who was negligent, how many similar accidents have occurred, the driver’s actions leading up to the accident -including whether he or she followed the federal laws addressing drowsy driving and driving under the influence – as well as securing testimony from anyone who witnessed the accident and can provide further insight.

Remember, many trucks on the roads today weigh significantly more than traditional passenger vehicles. They often carry chemicals and some carry dirt, rocks and other materials, much of which is not secured to the extent that it would not spill if an accident were to occur. These accidents can be catastrophic and when lives are lost, nothing is ever the same.

New York laws are clear, and the right New York truck accident lawyer can help prove your case, protect your rights, ensure your medical needs are addressed, and covered from a financial perspective and honor his or her legal duty in ensuring history does not repeat itself.

Everyone has heard the advice to not settle with an insurance company until you have explored your legal options. In truck accident cases, it is especially important to follow that advice. Companies have their own legal teams that work with the insurance companies with one, shared goal: to protect their clients. You too deserve the same legal protections.

For more information, speak to our truck accident attorneys.