We see it on the evening news nearly every day: another cargo truck has caused a major accident on a New York highway. Some cases end better than others; for some, however, these accidents result in major injuries or death.

Commercial delivery trucks, 18-wheelers, tractor- trailer trucks – they all are important elements of the American economy. They move goods across the nation ensuring fresh produce hits dinner tables every evening, supermarket shelves are stocked and necessary supplies for a new school or a new home arrive in a timely manner. When things are going smoothly, life is good. When there are accidents, the least of one’s worries is whether the shipment of bricks arrive on time or a day later.

These big trucks, when they’re involved in accidents on the roadways, can cause serious injuries and deaths. Improperly stored cargo is one of the primary reasons these accidents happen. Here are several ways improperly stored cargo can cause truck accidents on New York roadways.

Improper Loads

We’ve all seen the weigh stations along the interstates, but many may not know what purpose they serve. Any time a truck is improperly loaded, it can create a significant weight distribution imbalance. This could leave it liable to overturn, skid out of control or it could mean the cargo falls off the truck. Any of these scenarios are dangerous for drivers who are near the truck. The weigh stations help reduce these hazards, making the roadways safer for everyone on them. It doesn’t mean the hazards are eliminated, but the stations go a long way in protecting those who share the roads with these trucks.

Under The Influence

Most truck drivers, especially those driving these large vehicles, are hardworking Americans who take pride in following the driving laws. For some, however, and for a number of reasons, alcohol and/or drugs is introduced into the scenario. Typically, the drugs are used to keep the drivers alert in order to meet a difficult delivery deadline, but it can also lead to them not paying attention to the way in which the cargo is loaded. This can create a number of driving hazards.

If The Trucks Aren’t Maintained, The Cargo May Not Be Distributed Properly

It is imperative that truck drivers and the companies for which they work maintain the vehicles. Inspections can identify problems early on so that they do not become hazards while on the roadways. If there is little attention paid to the safety of the truck, you can be sure there is little attention paid to whether the cargo is properly stored.

Tired And Fatigued Drivers

Driving while tired causes far too many accidents in this country. It can also lead to carelessness when loading and even unloading cargo. Again, some truck drivers take these risks in order to meet delivery deadlines.

These are just a few of the ways in which improperly stored cargo can cause accidents on New York highways. It also highlights some of the reasons for the carelessness. Unfortunately, a careless mindset in these situations can create life-changing events, including unnecessary deaths. To explore your options if you’ve been the victim of an accident due to improperly stored cargo, give our truck accident lawyers a call today. Our truck accident attorneys can help you through the overwhelming legal process.