Qualified Attorneys Representing Victims Of Hospital Negligence In Rochester

When you go the hospital, you are supposed to receive proper care and treatment for your illness or ailment. Usually, this is the case with many individuals, but for some people, improper medical care is given.

It is horrifying to imagine your loved one receiving inadequate care that results in a permanent injury or death. If you or a loved one are a victim of hospital negligence, then you shouldn’t have to sit idly suffering from the injuries caused by a hospital’s mistakes.

Considering this, if you are a victim of hospital negligence, call the law office of Kelly White Donofrio LLP to learn more about how we can help you. With a committed legal team, we are confident in our chances of holding those who hurt you and your loved one fully accountable.

Our Qualified Team Has The Means Of Handling Your Claim

Kelly White Donofrio LLP is led by two lawyers, Donald White and Laurie Donofrio. They are both members of the New York State Bar Association and Monroe County Bar Association. Together, they are a dedicated team of legal professionals with many years of combined legal expertise.

We are confident that our team can fight for you if you have been the victim of hospital negligence. In the aftermath of medical malpractice, you are left dealing with the consequences of an avoidable mistake that was not your fault. With us, you have a chance of gaining fair compensation for your injury or loss. Call us today and schedule a free consultation.

Before we move forward with any legal matter, we want to make sure that you have the preliminary answers to whatever questions you may have. Therefore, we have assembled some commonly asked questions and provided some feedback that has helped some of our previous clients.

What Is Hospital Negligence And How Do I Know If I Have A Case?

Hospital negligence is the failure to perform or negligently perform medical procedures that ultimately result in injury or death. If a hospital employee has carelessly caused an injury to you or a loved one, contact us today so that we can fight for you.

Are Hospitals Liable For The Negligence Of Their Employees Or Independent Contractors?

The short answer to this question is yes. If an individual employed by a hospital has committed an act that falls short of accepted medical standards, the hospital can be held accountable.

However, some doctors work with hospitals as independent contractors and are not employees. Still, they can be sued and held responsible for medical malpractice. Additionally, a hospital can be held accountable if it assigned you an incompetent medical professional who committed malpractice which causes you harm.

Have Our Team Fight For You!

If you believe that you have been a victim of hospital negligence, you should recruit our legal team to fight on your behalf. Call the law office of Kelly White Donofrio LLP at 585-232-1415, or contact us on our website, to schedule a free phone consultation and have your case evaluated today!