Domestic Violence Attorney Helping Victims In Rochester Seek Safety

Domestic violence is a major problem in the U.S. There are many crimes that are classified as domestic violence, including physical assault, menacing, and stalking. Victims of these crimes can suffer both physically and psychologically. Sadly, many domestic violence victims feel as if there is no way for them to escape the abuse. But, this is not the case.

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What Does A Domestic Violence Lawyer In Rochester, NY Do?

Our first priority is your safety. We help domestic violence victims report their abusers to law enforcement if they have not done so already. Then, we will ask questions to learn about your unique situation.

If we believe it is necessary, we help our clients obtain orders of protection to keep their abusers away. Our attorneys can also assist with subsequent family law issues that could arise as a result of reporting domestic violence, such as divorce or child custody disputes.

Our Domestic Violence Lawyers Can Help Victims Obtain Orders of Protection

Orders of protection are designed to keep victims of domestic violence safe. If a stay away order of protection is issued, the abuser will not be able to make contact with the victim in any way.

In some cases, an order of protection will also order the abuser to leave the family home immediately. The person named in the order of protection must comply with these terms. If an order of protection is violated, the offender can face legal penalties.

Top Law Firms In New York State Explain How Domestic Violence Can Affect Other Family Law Issues

Anyone who is convicted of domestic violence can face serious consequences. Besides possible jail time and substantial fines, these domestic violence offenders could also lose custody and visitation rights with their children.

This is because the court could decide that it is not in the child’s best interests to spend time with someone who has been convicted of domestic violence. Even if the offender currently has custody of the child, this could change after a conviction.

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