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Both parents are legally obligated to support their children. To ensure non-custodial parents are providing for their children, the court can order them to pay child support. If you are attempting to secure child support–or if you believe you will be ordered to pay child support–contact an attorney at Kelly White Donofrio LLP today.

Experienced Lawyers In New York Explain The Concept Of Child Support

Child support is designed to give a child the same standard of living no matter which of the parents’ households the child may reside.

The noncustodial parent is often required to pay child support to the custodial parent to help cover expenses such as food, clothing, medical expenses, childcare, housing and utilities, school fees and supplies, extracurricular activities and entertainment.

In New York, child support is calculated according to the Child Support Standards Act. To calculate child support payments, the court will consider a number of factors, including combined parental income, the number of children involved, daycare expenses, and more.

What Does A Child Support Attorney In Rochester, NY Do?

Child support attorneys represent both custodial and non-custodial parents. It is the attorney’s responsibility to work towards a fair child support award. For example, an attorney representing the custodial parent will work tirelessly to ensure the court-ordered child support payments comply with The Child Support Standards Act.

An attorney representing the non-custodial parent will fight to make sure the court does not order his or her client to pay more than he or she can afford. Regardless of which party a child support attorney represents, his or her first priority will be doing what is in your and your child’s best interests.

Top Law Firms Can Assist With Child Support Modification Requests For Mothers and Fathers

Both parents must comply with the terms of the court-ordered child support agreement. However, both parents have the right to request modifications to the original order under certain circumstances.

Requesting this type of change is a complex process, and there are no guarantees that the court will grant the modification. For this reason, it’s never a good idea to attempt to modify child support without a lawyer.

Let an attorney guide you through the process of requesting a modification and proving the change is needed to reach the outcome you desire.

Don White was an exceptional litigator in my case. It was a Child Support dispute, which was at times, complicated and emotionally charged. Don provided strong advocacy and was the voice of reason in difficult moments. Moreover, Don’s success before the Magistrate awarded me the appropriate amount of Child Support my family was due as well as recouping Child Support arrears which were significant. Navigating the Family Court system can be overwhelming, but thanks to Don’s guidance and representation, my children have what they need to move forward in life. I am truly grateful. – Marcia D.

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If you are involved in a child support dispute, you will need the best child support lawyer in Rochester, NY to protect your and your child’s best interests. The family law attorneys at Kelly White Donofrio LLP have over 60 years of combined experience helping moms and dads reach the best possible outcome in their child support case.

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