If you’re the only vehicle in a car accident, you might not know what to do. No one else was injured or put in harm’s way, but at the same time, you feel helpless and alone.

Not all vehicle accidents involve two or more cars. Sometimes, a car can roll over due to something on the road or swerve off and collide into a tree. There are many different causes, but just because you’re the only driver, doesn’t mean that you’re automatically at fault.

A car accident lawyer in Rochester, NY can help clear your name and actually help you recover damages that are related to property damage, injury, or even death related to the accident.

The Typical Causes Of Single-Vehicle Car Accidents

Here are some of the most common causes of single-vehicle incidents that support a personal injury claim:

Aggressive or reckless driving of another driver.

If you’ve ever crossed paths with a driver with road rage, you know that some can be so angry that they drive you literally off the road. However, there are other cases where a driver is simply navigating their vehicle so recklessly that you must maneuver in an unsafe way to avoid hitting them, which puts your life at risk in a single-vehicle car accident.

You have a defective car.

The problem may not be your driving, it might be the make of your car. Manufacturing defects have been the root cause of many single-vehicle care accidents.

Such an accident would be the fault of the manufacturer of the vehicle. Even if a defective tire blows out and causes the accident, the manufacturer of the tire could be the liable party in this case.

Hazardous roads.

If the cause of your accident stemmed from a gaping pothole in the road, you could end up in an accident that involves just your car or multiple cars. Your personal injury attorney will need to research the case to determine who is truly liable in this scenario.

What Are You Entitled To In A Single-Vehicle Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Single-vehicle collisions can be just as deadly as multi-vehicle accidents, which is why New York State Law allows victims to be entitled to compensation for their associated damages, like these:

Medical Expenses

These should be related to your accident prior to filing. Expenses could also include anticipated future medical bills related to the injuries you’ve sustained.

Lost Wages

This includes the wages, salary, benefits, and other compensation that you lost while recovering from your injuries. Again, this may include future lost wages if you’re no longer able to return to work due to the injuries you’ve sustained.

Pain and Suffering

The physical and emotional pain and suffering that you endured because of the accident will depend on the type of injuries and their extent, as well as any associated deaths that are directly related to the accident.

If a loved one died in a single-vehicle collision, that person’s child, spouse, or personal representative may file a wrongful death lawsuit to pursue damages on behalf of the passed loved one. To learn more about single-vehicle lawsuits, feel free to contact our car accident attorneys!