Writing a will is an intensely personal process. It is important to work with attorneys who understand the sensitive nature of this document and who can counsel you on your options. At Kelly White Donofrio we take the time to know our clients and prepare a last will and testament suited to their specific needs. No matter your age or the size of your estate, everyone can benefit from a last will and testament. Call Don White at (585) 232-1415 or email [email protected] to discuss preparation of your last will and testament. Note: A Last Will and Testament must be executed before two (2) witnesses. Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, our offices are closed until the ban on non-essential business is lifted. We are now working in our home offices and are able to discuss your needs by telephone, FaceTime or Zoom video conference. We will provide you with a draft to review via email. We will schedule an immediate driveby, outdoor meeting at a mutually agreed upon space to sign your will such as at a picnic table in your backyard. Clients are required to bring a pen and hard surface. The masked and gloved attorney and witness will then meet the client and tell them where to sign. We are offering 10% off our regular fee for preparation of your Last Will and Testament through.
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