After the haze of your car wreck has cleared and you can see past the smoke, all you hear is a skrrrrrrrrrrrtttttt! You watch the accomplice speed off in a hurry. You’ve just become a victim of a hit and run motor vehicle accident!

Although you might feel helpless, alone, and confused after a hit and run attempt, you can rely on a car accident attorney in Rochester, NY to help you recover all the damages you’ve just suffered both physically and mentally. Learn more about how to navigate after a hit and run incident so that you can be adequately compensated.

The Steps You Should Take When You’re In A Hit And Run Accident

The normal procedure that takes place after a car accident usually consists of calling your local authorities, taking photos, exchanging information, etc. But when you’re in a hit and run, you’re left with half of the story to support your claims.

Too many times people don’t follow the correct procedures, have enough information, or don’t act timely to receive all the awards they are entitled to. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to successfully be compensated when filing your personal injury claim.

Step 1. Take as much information down as you can!

If you have any split-second moments where you can snap a picture of the opposing vehicle before it speeds off, try to do so. However, you should NOT try to follow the car into traffic to gather information. This could be a hazard to yourself and those around you!

Here is some useful information that the authorities and your attorney will want to know:

  • License plate number
  • The other vehicle’s make, model and color
  • Description of damage to the other vehicle
  • Which direction the other vehicle was headed
  • Photos of the damage to your vehicle
  • Location, time and cause of the accident

Step 2. Call the police right away.

Documenting an accident report is a key component in your personal injury lawsuit. It shows that you, the law-abiding citizen, went about handling the wreck in the correct way. Also, you’ll be able to provide them as much information about the other vehicle as possible. This may be able to help them identify the vehicle at another time, which will definitely support your case.

Step 3. Ask eyewitnesses to supply additional information.

If there is anyone around that has seen the accident, ask them to provide information to the police and/or exchange information with them. They may be able to help support your personal injury claim in the future.

Step 4. Retain a personal injury attorney right away!

Anytime that you’re involved in a car wreck and the other party leaves without exchanging information, you’re entitled to file against them for the bare minimum property damages, injuries, and/or deaths that may have occurred. The best way to receive a positive outcome from such a negative situation like this is to hire a professional to stand right there by your side throughout the whole case!

For more information, speak to our car accident lawyers now.